We are more than a
Tradicional Pottery.

Operating since 1900, Vasicol was born eight decades after, in 1988. Seventeen years later, in 2005, we have created our brand Maria Portugal Terracota.

Since the beginning our commitment is to always look into the future with a sense of challenge and responsibility to our partners, but also look into our past with proud in our path and also from what we have achieved so far.

Nowadays, Vasicol has the capacity to produce 3 million pieces per year.

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Work every day to overcome our success, with a sustained growth and with a continuous investment on innovation and design.


Create pieces where the tradicional and modern meet.


– Team Work
– Winning Spirit
– Innovation
– Ethics and Honesty.

Our Brands

Maria Portugal Terracota

Maria Portugal Terracota

Maria Portugal emerges with the purpose of offering our customers quality, design and affordable art, inspired by ancient processes, the historical traditions of ceramics and the richness visual of Portugal. The production is industrial and the decoration manual, which results in unique and distinctive handmade pieces.

Villacer Portugal Stoneware

Villacer Portugal Stoneware

Villacer is a young Portuguese enterprising brand, founded in 2018, focused on producing quality ceramics for its customers' table. The production seeks to follow current trends, with the launch of collections that meet the demands of the international market.

R&C Containers

R&C Containers, founded in 2011, specializes in the development, design and manufacture of stoneware containers destined for floriculture, gardening and the food industry. It is a dynamic company, which supports its knowledge in the experience passed by old generations in the exploration of the raw materials that the region offers.