Environmental Sustainability

Vasicol make use of the best raw materials from the region, of natural origin, of high quality and environmentally friendly, with concern for reducing our ecological footprint. Our purpose is to present sustainable collections in terracotta, able to stand out for its exclusive and elegant design. The combination of red clay, from our own extraction, with other raw materials of Portuguese origin, such as cork or wood, allows us to present unique products while maintaining our respect and concern for the environment.

From the beginning of the clay exploration process to the packaging and distribution phase, Vasicol seeks to work with a set of local and regional partners, guaranteeing a mostly national production and aiming at a sustainable growth of the business.

Furthermore, we ensure that everyone involved in the business (employees, customers, suppliers, community) works under safe, healthy and ecologically proper conditions.

Own Extraction

We perform, internally, the extraction of the red clay used in the manufacturing of our products.

Water Reuse and Proper Use of Waste

We guarantee the reuse of water resources through cleaning processes and reuse them in the production process, with our own treatment centers in our facilities.

Reuse of Energy from Furnaces

The heat generated by the furnaces when baking the pieces is used for other phases of the production process, reducing gas emissions, meeting the objectives of the Kyoto protocol. Vasicol also relies on the use of solar panels for the production of clean energy and reduction of its ecological footprint.

Sustainable Creativity Eco Design

The design of our products is concerned with ergonomics, functionality, production costs and life cycle. The use of glass and inks without heavy metals is intended to reduce our environmental impact. In turn, the finished product does not emit dangerous compounds as a result of being baked at high temperatures.

Clay Recycling

The recycling of the clay is done through the incorporation of the excesses, coming from the production process, after confirming its perfect state for the manufacturing of new pieces.

Sustainable Packaging

The materials used in the packaging of our products are fully recycled, consisting mostly of cardboard. The use of plastic was minimized with the use of honeycomb cardboard, as an alternative to the usual styrofoam or bubble wrap.

Solar energy production

Vasicol is concerned about the environment and the reduction of its ecological footprint, so we have implemented measures such as the reduction of fossil fuel consumption in our production processes, and the installation of a photovoltaic system for the production of clean energy, which resulted in a self-consumption of 35%. Currently, the excess of energy is sold to the national electric grid.